Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SDC233: Use Squares

Hello and welcome back to another week at Stampotique. I hope you're all enjoying the sneak peeks of the new stamps on the Facebook group. We are sharing some teaser posts. 
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For now, it's time for another challenge. This week Corrie is our hostess and her challenge is all about Squares, "Use Squares in any form or material on your project"
Here is what Corrie says about this challenge:
"I am very fond of circles in my work, so I want to get outside my comfort zone and use squares for a change and I would like you to join me. Have Fun!!"

Let's "think outside the box" this week and use some squares!!
(ha, I thought that was funny)

This is Carol Fox's last week as our "Spotlight" designer, thanks so much Carol for all the fun facts and for enlightening us on some things about you. It's been so fun. 
Here are Carol's last few fun facts about herself:
1. I was going to share my favourite Stampotique stamp but as I sat here and looked at them I realised it's like trying to choose your favourite child to save from a fire. I do love Daniel's Winter, but then what about Twinkie and I can hear Frankie Sobbing as his not being included. So I can only say I love them all!!
2. I love bright colours, I used to craft in browns and vintage colours, but then I just suddenly changed and it all went pink and orange. I think like is better seen in bright colours, it lifts your soul.
3. When I start a project I always start with colour and then choose my images to use and fit it around the theme for the current challenge.

Samantha's top 3 from last week's Spots and Stripes challenge were:

Silvia her Agatha tag is adorable!
Lisette so funny and beautifully made.
Wendy so sweet!

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