Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Introducing our February Guest Designer- Dina Wakley

 We have some exciting guest designers lined up for 2012 and without further delay, introducing our February Guest Designer, Dina Wakley.

 I am Dina Wakley and I live in Glendale, AZ with my hubby and 3 fellas. I love everything about art...making it, learning about it, teaching it. A fun tidbit...many years ago, I heard about this strange craft called "stamping," and I found a local store and wandered in. That store happened to be Stampotique (back when Carol had a retail location). I stood in the store and I must have looked overwhelmed, because the amazing and kind owner, Carol, asked me if I wanted to take a beginner's class. I said yes, and I signed up right then. I remember it cost $10.  And that, my friends, is the beginning of it all! I had been scrapbooking for a couple of years, but stamping was a whole new ball game. Stamping led to art journaling and mixed media....and to where I am today. I had little disposable income but I was seriously addicted to Carol's store, so I sold old CDs and books at used bookstores and then high-tailed it over to the store to spend my cash. I think I went to the store two to three times a week. Finally Carol said to me, "I think we're becoming friends..." hee hee. I adore Jim & Carol and love all things Stampotique!

You can visit me on my website:

Here is a colorful creation from Dina:


  1. I love Dina and how fun to learn about your connection!

  2. Fab..j love Dina too..her style just wows me and I wish I could be that good!!! X
    Kirsti xx

  3. Dina welcome as GD spot - great to learn a bit about our way into this addiction called stamping! Can't wait to see more of your work for Stampotique this month.

  4. Oh man Dina Wakely! Awesomeness! I watched your "jump start" and it was my favorite! Woo hOO! Glad u r here!

  5. OMG, I love Dina almost as much as I love Stampotique! I can't wait to see her work in Feb with Stampotique!! I think I just used up my exclamation point ration for the year, that's how excited I am.

  6. Woohoo! Great to have Dina here :-))))

  7. Nice to meet you. Love your colors and the feel of your project.
    I went to "Thunderbird" a "few" years ago. Greetings to Glendale!


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