Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The end of the Stampotique blog, not the end of challenges!

Hi everyone,

Blogging seems to get more and more a thing of the past. Less people blog or visit and comment on blogs. Facebook and Instagram and a whole lot of other social media channels seem to fit us better these days.

That is why we decided to stop hositing our 2-weekly challenges on blogger. But no worries. WE WILL KEEP ON HOSTING OUR 2-WEEKLY CHALLENGES. BUT FROM NOW ON YOU WILL FIND THEM ON THE STAMPOTIQUE FACEBOOKGROUP.

A new challenge starts on Wednesday every two weeks as you were already used to. The first Facebook challenge starts on July1st. You can publish your entry on the group. Please put it in the album for that challenge in the Facebookgroup as well to have a chance to win a 30 dollar gift certificate. Yes we keep up with that good habit as well :-) 

If you aren't a member of the Facebookgroup yet please join that group for your daily dose of Stampotique inspiration! 

Thanks for all who visited this blog over the year time and time again and entered our challenges through this blog! We really appreciated that and truly hope to see you back on Facebook!

The Stampotique team.


  1. Sorry to see you go. I don't do facebook so I'll miss you.

  2. We have all no more time for blogging that's true... and it takes so much time to maintain. However, this is sad news.
    Do leave the blog open if you can, as I think it is a big part of your wonderful story, and stay a wonderful source of inspiration.
    I will continue to follow you on IG anc FB too of course :)
    Hugs, Coco X

  3. Oh that is sad news but I can see why you are doing it. People don't visit blogs as much as they used to, but I keep mine going more as a photo album of my makes. See you on Facebook 😁x

  4. It's a pitty, but don't think I'll enter much; on FB I'm about a year behind real life/blog and totally not liking it so much as blogging so...thanks for the good times and great challenges and inspiration!

  5. I understand it all i think also at this moment the blogging is not a direct go to. I am also more of facebook and Instagram. So i won't miss a thing. Xxxx

  6. It's sad you are not going to allow blog entries anymore. I think fb and such has killed the art of commenting since everyone seems to think taking the time to click more than a response or add an emoji is beyond them. I think blogging is alive and well but I understand it's all about going where the people are. I hope you do get more entries but it is rather sad that faithful followers who don't use fb will be excluded. Glad the challenges continue. Maybe see you there. Hugz

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